What is Corel Draw ?

? CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a graphics design suite created by Corel. In terms of software, a suite is a collection of software bundled as one, with CoralDraw Graphics Suite, with five separate programs in the latest version, as of June 2010. With CorelDRAW, graphic designers can create quality designs and graphics professional. According to Corel.com, CorelDRAW is easily accessible for beginners,

but contains enough advanced features to keep seasoned graphic designers satisfied. CorelDRAW
CorelDRAW is one of the core elements of the CorelDRAW Suite. CorelDRAW is used to create layouts and vector images. Vector images are high quality digital images often used by professional graphic designers. With hours of learning material built into the program, Corel.com CorelDRAW applications is easy for beginners to use, while offering advanced tools designed to work in tandem with drawing tablets. A graphics tablet is a touchscreen used by graphic designers as a digital canvas to draw their art onto, which is then transferred to the computer.
Corel Photo-Paint
Corel photo-Paint, another component of the CorelDRAW Suite, is Corel’s photo-editing software. Although not as powerful as some other photo editing software available, Photo-Paint offers effects such as grayscale, spot color correction, zoom, retouch and red-eye reduction. . One of Photo-Paint’s main features is its ability to read and edit PSD files, commonly associated with Adobe Photoshop software. Any effects added to an image in Photo-Paint will also be visible in Photoshop.
Other software included
Current release is the CorelDRAW Suite as of June 2010, CorelDRAW X5, includes three other programs, thousands of digital images and templates, a hardcover guide, and two hours of instructional DVDs. Corel PowerTRACE, one of the other included programs, is a tool for converting bitmap images to vector images. Corel CAPTURE is a utility for taking screenshots, and Corel CONNECT is a tool that organizes the digital content on your PC and the CorelDRAW Suite in one convenient place.
As of June 2010, when you purchase the software suite directly from Corel’s site, the price is $499 for the full program. However, you are only eligible for a discount if you own an earlier version of CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint or other Corel products. This option, called an upgrade, costs $199.
Learning Resources
For those new to CorelDRAW or just looking for a refresher course, the Corel site offers a wide range of tutorials and guides. This free material will help you become more familiar with the features and components of the CorelDRAW Suite. Apart from tutorials, tips and expert insight, Corel also provides links to external sites offering third-party instruction on using their software. With this amount of information available, a new user should be able to pick up CorelDRAW and start using it in no time.

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