What is Coreldraw? Everything you need to know.

Corel Draw is a professional graphics program, in which you can create beautiful drawings for different purposes. In this blog you can learn more about what Corel Draw is, what it is for, its functions and benefits. In addition, the 3 available versions are also presented with their functions.

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What is Corel Draw?
Corel Draw is a program that allows you to edit and enhance images and create other graphic designs. A good advantage is that users can create and edit vector images with this graphics program. Each part of the image can be edited separately, which provides a good level of customization. Corel Draw 2021 is a program that offers a lot of different options depending on the user.

What is Corel Draw for?
Corel Draw can be used by both individuals and employees. Generally, Corel Draw is used to create and edit graphic designs. The software only works under Windows. You can decide which version would be more beneficial based on your level of expertise and regularity of use. Below you will find more information about the functions of Corel Draw.

The most important features/benefits of Corel Draw:
In this program, you can easily collaborate with clients and colleagues. So you can easily collect and implement feedback on your work.
Corel Draw has different levels of accessibility. You can use it on your computer or laptop, but it is also accessible via a mobile app. So you can view or edit your designs, wherever you are.
You can use Corel Draw for different purposes, such as marketing, branding, apparel, individual uses, and more.
Corel Draw is purchased in one go. This means that there is no subscription model with monthly or annual payments. After purchasing this product, the license does not expire.

Corel Draw versions:
Corel Draw has 3 different shapes. These are Corel Draw Essentials, Standard and Graphics Suite. Each edition has its own possibilities and functions. In the table below you can see the main differences. The version that offers the most features is the Graphics Suite. It is also the most expensive version. Essentials is the cheapest version of the three, as this edition offers the fewest features. In terms of price and features, Standard is the middle version of the three.
These 3 versions are intended for different target groups. Each version of Corel Draw 2021 has its own target group. The difference lies mainly in the frequency and nature of use. Are you a professional graphic designer? This would mean that the Graphics Suite is perfect for you, because this version has the most functions. If you are a person who uses it sporadically and mainly for private purposes, Corel Draw Essentials is the version for you. If you are somewhere in between, the Standard version is best. This version is especially useful for employees of small businesses or people who use this program as a hobby.

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