Windows 11 22H2: download the update of the new version


Microsoft continues to update Windows at a steady pace. And the latest version of Windows 11 22H2 still fixes many bugs while bringing much-awaited new features and improvements.No doubt, Microsoft has really put the turbo on Windows 11 in this fall of 2022! Not only has the publisher, as promised, released a new major version of its PC operating system at the end of September – called Windows 11 22H2, formerly known under the code name Sun Valley 2 –, but, in addition, it continues since updates at a breakneck pace. So, after a welcome set of fixes earlier this month, it released a big feature update on October 18, with a real batch of new stuff – some of it long overdue – before releasing another on October 25. , with minor improvements… and yet another new one, with fixes, on November 8th. What time!

What’s new in Windows 11 22H2 October 2022 Update?
Sweetly named OS Build 22621.675, the version of Windows 11 22H2 released on October 18, 2022 is KB5019509, as Microsoft explains on its support page – see our article on builds, KBs and Windows updates to see a little more clearly in these nebulous denominations. It brings several new features, some of which are highly anticipated. The October 25 release, dubbed KB5018496, corresponds to Build 22621.755, is less ambitious, with some anecdotal improvements and various fixes. As for the version of November 8, Build 22621.819, it mainly corrects problems of the previous ones. At the same time, Microsoft also released a Build 2022-11-1 on November 15… this time for the initial edition of Windows 11, called 21H2. No, the publisher does not provide GPS or translator to find your way around!

The most important new feature of the Windows 11 22H2 update concerns File Explorer, whose windows now have tabs, like web browsers or macOS, which allows you to view the contents of several disks or folders in a single window. . A display mode – and manipulation – that users have been asking for for years. Everything is not perfect yet – we imagine that Microsoft will gradually improve the functions of this new mode – but it’s a welcome little revolution (see our practical article on how to use the tabs of Explorer).

Another expected novelty: the possibility of installing and, above all, of using Android applications. Announced as soon as Windows 11 was released in October 2021, this function arrived gradually, first in the United States, before finally being deployed for other countries including France. It is based on the WSA system (Windows Subsystem for Android or Windows subsystem for Android in French) and on the Amazon AppStore (the Amazon application store, different from the Google Play Store) and requires some manipulations for its implementation, but the operation remains simple and, above all, everything works (see our article to see how to install and use Android apps with Windows 11).

Microsoft also took the opportunity to improve certain points, including on the taskbar, which now has an “overflow menu” used to store application icons in the event of overload. A nice little extra. Above all, we can once again drag items onto icons on the taskbar, almost like before. Almost, because an alert bubble appears with a prohibition symbol! In fact, as in tabbed windows, the result is neither immediate nor intuitive: once an element has been dragged onto an icon in the taskbar, you have to wait for the opening of the corresponding window to drop it into it. Not yet great: a return to the traditional method would be really welcome!

In addition, it is again possible to access the Windows Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar, via a pop-up menu that is displayed. A detail, but one that counts for those used to Windows 10, sad not to find this practical shortcut in the first versions of Windows 11.

In addition, the Nearby Sharing function sees its field of action extended: it allows, for example, to share virtual desktops of Windows 11 on other devices. In another register, you can now modify, repair and even uninstall applications directly in Windows Settings, without having to go through the old Control Panel. It was time !

Finally, Microsoft has added a feature called Suggested Actions, which lets you suggest possible actions when copying items to the clipboard – like making a call with Teams or adding an event in the Calendar app. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It will be necessary to wait still to benefit from it in France.

What are the problems of Windows 11 22H2?
The birth of Windows 11 22H2 was not painless. Even though the baby showed up on time, there were many problems with her discharge. According to Microsoft, some were fixed fairly quickly, with a first “optional” update: a bug that caused the blue screen of death (BSOD) error with OneDrive, another a bug that created a queue duplicate print queues blocking the printer, an issue preventing users from closing the lock screen, issues with installing and updating with the Microsoft Store, memory “leaks”, among many other small defects (see the complete list of known problems on the Microsoft site). Defects that added to various problems encountered by some users, such as incompatibility with Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) drivers which caused a blue screen, performance drops with Nvidia graphics cards or the inability to install version 22H2, the operation resulting in an error message. And it’s not over ! Users still report that a bug prevents safe removal of a USB key or device. Worrying! Some issues have been fixed by third parties, but others are simply “mitigated” – no big deal! –, presumably waiting for an update of the update of the update to settle everything definitively. To find out all about the known problems of Windows 11, it is advisable to consult the official Microsoft page, which sometimes gives some leads.

Officially, this new version is compatible with more PCs. This was because Microsoft was blocking the release of Windows 11 22H2 to computers that were likely to cause problems because of an incompatible component – typically, a driver. The publisher prides itself on accelerating the deployment of this major version.

The first hotfix appears in Windows Update as Preview Cumulative Update 2022-09 for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5017389). It upgrades the system to build 22621.608. To download and install it, just click the download button under the Windows Update optional updates section. You can also download it directly from the Microsoft server in the Microsoft Update Catalog. Of course, you will have to restart the PC after installation for the changes and fixes to apply.

That said, the KB5019509 of October 18 which installs the new Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.675 advantageously replaces this corrective update, which has become superfluous in the meantime.

What is Windows 11 version 22H2?
In comparison to the multiple updates that have circulated since the release of Windows 11 in October 2021, version 22H2 constitutes a real evolution, to the point of being qualified as major. Remember that, contrary to what was done a few years ago with Windows 10, Microsoft decided to deploy only one “large version” of its system each year by bringing real functional innovations – like Apple -, intermediate updates, called maintenance, essentially used to correct problems and improve stability. And given the various flaws and shortcomings of the first version of Windows 11, we can consider 22H2 as the first truly finalized version of the new system.

Microsoft has kept its promise: Windows 11 has actually received its first major and functional update since its release last year. The new version has been available for download since September 20. but to complicate everything, Microsoft has also decided to gradually roll out its new functions: some were present in the release of Windows 11 22H2, but others are distilled through “intermediate” updates called Moment. This is particularly the case of the version released on October 18, 2022, which includes functions promised for a long time…

If you have a compatible PC, running Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can always download and install it for free. And take advantage of the many new features and improvements it brings. Be careful, however, not to rejoice too quickly. First, Microsoft warned that the deployment of this major update will be very gradual: the publisher will use analysis data to know if a PC is ready to receive it before offering it via Windows Update. Then, and as has been the case since the release of the first version, the new features announced are not yet all integrated into Windows 11 22H2: certain functions and applications will be added gradually in the coming weeks – this is the case for tabs in Explorer windows, for example, appeared only with the October 18 release. Finally, since Microsoft started releasing Windows 11 22H2, many users have been complaining on forums and social networks, indicating that the update refuses to install, either through Windows Update or with the Assistant. installation. The wisest thing is to wait a few days for everything to stabilize. Or completely reinstall the system by downloading the ISO image (see below).

How to download and install Windows 11 22H2?
If Windows 11 22H2 is officially available now, its deployment should be spread over several weeks. The update should be offered automatically on a date that varies according to the configuration of your PC: some users were invited to download it from the evening of September 20, others had to wait a few days or even several weeks before seeing the notification appear on the desktop or in Windows Update.

► Even without notification, it is in your interest to go through Windows Update to see if the download of the new version is available. To do this, open Windows Settings, either through the Start menu or by typing the keyboard shortcut Windows + I, then click on Windows Udpate in the left pane which presents all the sections. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the message Windows 11, version 22H2 is available at the top. Then click the Download and Install button to start the update operation. If it does not appear, click the Check for updates button at the top of the window.

► Anyway, as long as your computer is compatible with Microsoft’s requirements, you can as well download and install Windows 11 22H2 right now, by going to the Microsoft site which offers several methods.

► With your usual web browser, go to the Windows 11 download page on the Microsoft site. The 22H2 version is already available, replacing the old one. As always, there are several options for downloading Windows 11.

If you prefer to do a “clean” install from a removable storage medium – preferably a USB key – download the media creation tool, which will take care of downloading the new version and preparing the media. to make it “bootable” – “démarrable”, in bad French. It is an excellent solution to install the system on another PC. To get it, click the Download button in the Creating Windows 11 Installation Media section.

► Finally, still on the same page, you can download an ISO image – an exact copy – of Windows 11 22H2 to copy it easily and install it freely, for example on a virtual machine. This time there are a few more steps before starting the download (choice of Windows version, choice of language…), and the link generated is only valid for 24 hours. To get it, click the Download button in the Windows 11 Disc Image (ISO) Download section, select the options from the menus that appear in succession, then click the Download button when the link is ready.

►What’s new in Windows 11 22H2?
In addition to the cumulative patches that it includes, version 22H2 brings many improvements as well as several functions and applications promised or unveiled bit by bit in recent months. Here is a small overview of the main new features.
Tabbed File Explorer: Windows 11 Explorer is evolving. Thus, folder icons can show a preview of their contents. Microsoft also promises better integration of OneDrive, its standard built-in online storage system. But, above all, after years of dashed hopes, Explorer is finally getting a tab system, for easier navigation in a single window, like in all web browsers. A real revolution that will change its daily use. Be careful, because this highly anticipated novelty will not arrive until October…


Photo management. Windows 11 22H2 benefits from a deeply revised Photos application, with a new, more pleasant gallery, simplified search and management functions, better synchronization with OneDrive, and even a Memories mode, like Google Photos.
Suggested actions. Windows 11 is enriched with an original new function which suggests actions when copying elements to the clipboard (for example, calling a correspondent when copying a telephone number or creating an event in the calendar when copy a date).
Taskbar. Also much criticized, because it has become irremovable, the Taskbar is also evolving by allowing files to be dragged and dropped onto applications, as with Windows 10. It also displays a three-point menu allowing you to hide or to display additional applications, to avoid overflowing.
Quick settings: The control area to the right of the taskbar accommodates new options, in particular for controlling Bluetooth devices, which are increasingly numerous and varied.
Graphic styling. Microsoft continues the aesthetic modernization of its system by dressing many old modules in the style of Windows 11, with windows with rounded corners for example.
Window anchoring. The window docking function (snap) that appeared with the first version of Windows 11 takes advantage of a new interface allowing you to create docking groups via a simple drag and drop at the top of the screen.
Task Manager. The essential Windows Task Manager also adopts a new, more modern interface, displaying other information.

Windows 11 22H2: download the update of the new version

Sharing nearby. Microsoft improves and simplifies file sharing between computers with Windows 11 located on a private local network, thanks to the Nearby Share function, which additionally uses Bluetooth.
Windows security. The module that manages all of Windows 11’s security systems is enriched with a new function, Smart Application Control (Smart App Control or SAC), capable of automatically blocking malicious or unapproved applications.

Ransomware protection. Windows 11 includes an automatic account lockout feature to prevent increasingly common ransomware attacks. A tool that will also be available for Windows 10.
Widgets. Income in the first version of Windows 11, the widgets are still improving by opening up in particular to third-party publishers (non-Microsoft) to offer various functions in modules.
Power management. The power management system has been optimized to intelligently reduce PC power consumption. An advance that is part of Microsoft’s program to make Windows more respectful of the environment and energy resources.
Updates. In addition to Windows Update, it will be possible to uninstall updates from Windows 11 Settings.
Voice control. A new function allows to control the PC with the voice.
Gesture control. Windows 11 manages new gestures, especially for touch tablets.
Live subtitles: A new original and practical function allows automatic generation of subtitles on any audio content, such as on YouTube.
Focus assistant. The Concentration function, which avoids being disturbed by multiple notifications, makes it possible to create personalized sessions.

In addition to this – non-exhaustive – list of improvements, Windows 11 22H2 benefits from several modernized applications installed as standard – which many describe as “native”. Most have already been hinted at or featured in recent months, with some even appearing in various interim updates. Let us mention the Microsoft Store (the certified applications store), Notepad (Notepad), Media Player (new audio-video player), Clipchamp (video editing software), Sound Recorder (tape recorder) or Designer (graphic creation ).

In addition, the French version of Windows 11 22H2 will allow you to run Android applications, a function that opens Windows and PCs to a whole new universe (see our article). This function, made possible by the integration of a virtual machine (via the “Windows subsystem for Android”), had been promised as soon as Windows 11 arrived in 2021, but it was only available later. , and only for the US market. Microsoft has finally integrated it for all countries. But in a way that could still be improved, because the Amazon AppStore, which is used to download and install Android applications in Windows, seems incomplete for the moment…

Windows updates: a confusing policy and names
Microsoft had promised it from the launch: Windows 11 was to evolve profoundly this year with a major update, stamped 22H22 (22 for the year, 2022, H2 for the second half, the H referring to half, half in English ) and dubbed Sun Valley 2 (its internal code name). After several months of testing and multiple modifications, this new version has been ready since September 20. The deployment of Windows 11 22H2 thus begins a few days before Microsoft Ignite. This great event, which will take place from October 12 to 14, 2022 in Seattle, the company’s headquarters, the first in “face-to-face” after two years of online conferences due to the Covid pandemic and which will certainly serve to present new Surface products, to mark the tenth anniversary of this line of computers and tablets.

However, contrary to what Microsoft had promised, it would seem that Windows is now entitled to several updates per year. Admittedly, Windows 11, like the other versions, is already entitled to the famous Patch Tuesday every month, this set of patches released on the second Tuesday of each month which fills security vulnerabilities and bugs. And, since its release, Windows 11 has also benefited from several dedicated updates, some with fixes, others with small improvements. But nothing major. Microsoft had indeed declared that Windows 11 would only be entitled to one major functional update per year, in principle in the fall. Only then, the publisher seems to have changed its plans again, and it is now a question of updates known for the moment under the curious name of Moment – we are talking about Moment 1 and Moment 2 for the next few months. In the same register, it would also be a question of Microsoft abandoning its current system of pure designations for the different versions of Windows – yet fairly recent… –, such as 21H2 or 22H2, which would be considered rather obscure. Nothing official on this subject, but what is clear is that Microsoft is floundering in its communication and its references, which affects the readability of its offer and its strategy! Very clever the average user who manages to follow and decipher the countless versions, updates and patches for Windows, especially with the famous KB and other builds (see our article to find out more).

From Windows 10 to Windows 11: a difficult migration
Windows 11 22H2 is particularly awaited by users who have adopted it since its release in October 2021. And for good reason: despite many advances, Microsoft’s new operating system is struggling to convince because it still suffers from shortcomings and bugs. . But everything should change with this major update, which promises to improve everything. The new version should in principle bring, among other things, tabs in File Explorer – finally! –, folders in the Start menu which will be more customizable, the return of drag and drop in the taskbar, a new task manager, or even better management of multitasking and multiwindowing (see below). What to correct the defects of youth and, perhaps, better resist macOS, which seduces more and more users and which will also pass in a new version in the fall (see our article)…

In parallel, the publisher will continue the deployment of the current version of Windows 11, by offering the update – always free – on all PCs with Windows 10 compatible. A logical process insofar as Windows 11 has not had the expected success since its release in early October 2021, with many users preferring to stay with Windows 10, even when they had the choice, so as not to face the plaster cast of the new system, who suffered from several youthful defects.

It must be recognized on this subject that Windows 11 was not the announced revolution. Contrary to what Microsoft still suggests, this is an evolution of Windows 10. A kind of super update that has brought several changes in form – especially in terms of interface -, but not in substance , the workings of the system being practically incha

However, we must not throw stones at Microsoft: Apple does exactly the same thing with its macOS system, which evolves every year in small steps with some new features and improvements by changing numbers and also leaving old Macs on the side of the road… Not to mention the fact that Microsoft must also take into account the millions of versions of Windows used in business: a framework in which migrations are naturally slow, for obvious practical questions (installation, configuration, compatibility with professional applications, security…).

Moreover, and this is probably the biggest criticism that we can make to Microsoft, the launch and deployment of Windows 11 took place in the greatest confusion. Not only were all the features announced during the June 2021 presentation not present in the initial version – and some still are not, such as support for Android applications – but, in addition, many bugs tainted the first updates of the system, sometimes forcing Microsoft to recommend uninstalling them a few days after their distribution, the time to find a solution! And to sow further confusion, the publisher has discreetly added and modified several applications installed as standard over the updates, almost by surprise, without communicating clearly about them. So much so that it is difficult for an uninformed user to know exactly what is integrated into Windows 11 currently.

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